Photographing Jordyn On Her Senior Session Had Us Jumping For Joy!

Photographing Jordyn was a pure delight – you might even say being with Jordyn had us jumping for joy!  Well maybe not literally jumping but certainly figuratively because she is just such a sweetie and a pleasure to be around!  Her mom Rebecca joined us on a fine fall Michigan day and she’s a lot of fun too!  The results speak for themselves so let’s take a look:

Photographing Jordyn…

We started out in the studio on the white backdrop and we love Jordyn in the powder blue with the white chair!  Great one to start with…
Photographing JordynNext we moved to the black backdrop and we fired up the Facebook Live for some behind the scenes fun!  Take a look:

And here’s a shot on the black in a new outfit!

Photographing Jordyn

Love that!!!

At this point it was time to get outside on location and we made a stop over behind the West Bloomfield Library for a little pop of fall!  Photographing JordynShe looks so pretty!

At this point we headed over to our last stop over at Orchard Lake where we fired up the YouTube Live this time for a little more behind the scenes fun!  Take a look!

And we’ll leave you with one more photo of Jordyn chillin’ out on the dock:

Photographing Jordyn

And there you have it!  Photographing Jordyn had us jumping for joy and now you know why!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with her!

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