Closing In On Absolute Clearcut Cuteness With Chloe!

Hmmmm….. how to achieve absolute clearcut cuteness…?  Let’s see:

1 – Very smart sweet cute senior

1- Awesome Family

1- Perfect Day for shooting

Several – Undefinable intangibles that just make everything seem to work

Meet ahead of time, mix all ingredients together and serve!

Yep – the recipe worked.  We definitely closed in on absolute clearcut cuteness with Chloe.

What was kind of fun was the parent trade off that happened!  Chloe’s mom JJ and her dad Adam had just slightly overlapping schedules and so JJ was with us for some of the day and she “handed off” to Adam to hang out with us for the end of the session!

Absolute Clearcut Cuteness

So we started with a little bit of studio work which yielded this photo on the white background:

Absolute Clearcut Cuteness

We love that one – just cool confident and chill!

At this point we headed out to Birmingham for location photos and we started at Quarton Lake where we got this stunning close up:

Absolute Clearcut Cuteness


We also have some fun behind the scenes for you starting with the replay of our YouTube Live broadcast – be sure to subscribe to our channel to tune in to future broadcasts!

We also headed into downtown Birmingham to get some city photos like this one – this photo is one that has one of those undefinable intangibles that we mentioned in the recipe above.  We had no idea that the shadow of me holding “Reflecto” our reflector would form a big heart until we saw the result!

Absolute Clearcut Cuteness

So fun!

And we also have more behind the scenes fun here from the replay of our Facebook Live broadcast:


And one more photo to share from the top of one of the parking structures – cool shot here…

Absolute Clearcut Cuteness

Absolute clearcut cuteness indeed!

And there you have it – we hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with Chloe!!!

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