An Interview with Reflecto!

Those of you who have been on location with us have very likely met Reflecto.Interview with Reflecto  He’s our sometimes rogue, somewhat snarky, and quite often arrogant reflector.  He is really a character and while sometimes he gets a little out of line he’s definitely never boring, so we thought we would sit down for an interview with Reflecto and find out what’s on his mind….


FF:  Let’s get right to it – it’s been said that you are a sometimes-rogue, somewhat snarky, and even arrogant reflector.  Is that fair?

Reflecto:  Listen, haters are gonna hate, so let ’em is what I say.  It’s pretty simple.  If I am awesome and I say so does that make me the bad guy for speaking the truth?

FF:  Okay…..  Uh – we won’t try to answer that question.  How about you tell us about your childhood?

Reflecto:  I try not to talk about my past too much.  My family moved around a lot and had various jobs – wrapping York peppermint patties, getting odd jobs as foil – stuff like that.  I decided when I was old enough that I would never settle and I was able to snag this gig with Frameable Faces.  Now I run the place!  Haha!  Follow me on twitter at @reflect_o!  Winning!  I’m the be-

FF:  Hey easy – let’s stay on topic okay?

Reflecto:  Whatever – fine.

FF:  What was your best moment on a photo shoot?

Reflecto: When you are supremely talented like me there are just too many to choose from.  I enjoyed smacking Doug in the face on a shoot once.  It was quite genius really – I waited for a really windy day and then “bam”!  I really think he just thought it was the wind that caused it.  Hahaha!

FF:  You must have other moments that don’t involve violence…

Reflecto:  Okay I’ll admit that I do get some satisfaction when my beautiful reflecting makes a senior look great.  It definitely validates how great I am, and if the #frameables (yes I’ll appease Doug and Ally and call them that) are happy as a result then that’s a bonus.

FF:  Who is Blocko?

Reflecto:  I don’t know what you’re talking about.

(side note – “Blocko” is Reflecto’s alter ego and he’s nicer than Reflecto – we’re not sure why he didn’t want to talk about it)

FF:  We know that sometimes you try to blind the frameables by reflecting the sun into their eyes.  Do you think they deserve that?

Reflecto:  The media embellished that story.  My talent can be “blinding” – whoever made that comment meant it figuratively not literally.  Like Michael Jackson told Paul McCartney I’m a lover not a fighter.

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