Crazy Stuff Happened In The NICK Of Time On NICK’s Senior Session!

Crazy stuff happened indeed on Nick’s senior session!  It’s not often that a sheriff hauls away your senior at the end of his session…. but in this case the sheriff definitely showed up in the NICK of time!  See what I did there…?  Haha!  Meanwhile this session was a family affair with both of Nick’s siblings and his mom Paola joining us!  Nick is a lucky guy – he has amazing and supportive siblings and they helped out a lot.  What a special day and Nick totally rocked his session!  Paola was a little stressed about getting the best shots but I think Ally and Nick connected and, well – you’ll see the results… 

Nick’s Senior Session

We started out in the studio where we used the silver metal and black backgrounds.  Let’s start with the silver first:

Nick's Senior Session

That looks like a guy who is having fun!

We also have some fun behind the scenes action for you starting with the Facebook Live broadcast replay:

So fun!  And here’s the shot on the black with the black leather – very cool:

Nick's Senior Session

Big smiles.

At this point it was time to head to Pontiac to get some urban shots and that’s where the crazy stuff happened!  We’ll get to that…

First let’s take a look at a couple of great shots of our guy:

Nick's Senior Session

Steps…..and stairs….

Nick's Senior Session

Now here is where the crazy stuff happens!  Here’s the YouTube Live Replay where we ran into Officer Piotrowski from the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department, and lo and behold he gave us a police escort for our session and helped with location scouting and everything!  Just in the NICK of time!!!!



Nick still ended up in the police car.

NICK's Senior Session

Hahaha….  and here is the Snapchat story which we had to include here because it’s just too good.

So there you have it!!!  Nick’s senior session was one we will never forget that’s for sure, and we hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day!

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