Shaista Brings Back The Whole Crew and They’re Growing UP!!!

We get excited when Shaista brings back the whole crew!  We started photographing her kids shortly after we opened our studio space here in the Orchard Mall and they are just an awesome family – great kids and much fun to have around.  The wrinkle this time was that Shaista brought her husband Shabbir to get the whole family in the photos!  There’s a little story here – we’ve known Shaista and the kids for years but we never met Shabbir before so the running joke was that he wasn’t real – that we didn’t believe he existed.  Haha!  Well we can now say he does indeed exist and he’s as delightful as we would have expected.  I joked with him that we thought he was a phantom and he replied “Hey I was out working hard for these guys!”  Now that’s a good guy.  So without further adieu let’s take a look at some sneak peeks of this fabulous session!

Shaista Brings Back The Whole Crew…

Let’s start with the whole fam in a portrait with traditional dress which is always a joy – such vibrant colors against the brown earth tones…  love this:

Shaista brings

What an awesome group!

We also have some video replays from the live broadcasts we did during the session for a little behind the scenes fun – first on YouTube Live which we just started doing some of – you can subscribe to our channel here!


Next let’s focus in on a photo of just the happy couple!

Shaista brings

They look fantastic!

We also have a little more behind the scenes fun this time from the Facebook Live broadcast we did:

They’re Growing UP!!!

Now let’s focus on the kids!  We have a couple of photos of the 4 of them being, well…..the 4 of them!  Haha!

First in the traditional clothing…

Shaista brings

And next in some casual gear…. love it!

Shaista brings

So fun!!!  You can tell they were having a blast – being kids but still really well behaved – love them!

And there you have it – when Shaista brings back the whole crew we have a ton of fun.  We hope you enjoyed the sneak peeks from their session!

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