Wow – Jeralyn Is ONE, And What A Year It’s Been Photographing Her!

Boy does a year go by fast…  this story is one of the more epic tales in Frameable Faces lore to be sure and we continue to tell it here.  It started with an “emergency” maternity session phone call from Nick and Jen that you can read about here.  Another photography studio’s mistake became the start of a friendship for us and some memorable moments with Jeralyn (who was once known lovingly in the Frameable Faces community as the “sharting baby” because of a hilarious little poop mishap during her newborn session that you can see and read about here)!  Now Jeralyn is ONE and she returned to the studio for an adorable photo session from which we want to share a few images with you!

Jeralyn Is ONE!

So we have some great stuff to show you here.  We love doing “baby plans” where our peeps come in for maternity, newborn, 6 month, and one year photos because we get to be a part of such a wonderful and exciting year, and then at the end we get to put together some stages – like a “watch me grow” storyboard!  Like this:

Jeralyn Is ONE

Newborn, 6 months, and one year!!!

So much fun – perfectly displayed on a wall printed to 10″ x 30″ in a frame!

As for the rest of the one year session here are some of the other highlights…

Jeralyn Is ONE

How beautiful is she?  Loving the hair…  🙂

Jeralyn also likes blocks.  Who doesn’t like blocks?

Jeralyn Is ONE

Actually props in general are fun…

Jeralyn Is ONE

We also have some fun behind the scenes (of course)…  let’s start with the replay from Facebook Live:

At this point we broke out the sari that we used for all three sessions as you saw above in the storyboard – so pretty as the backdrop for this adorable close up!

Jeralyn Is ONE

LOVE the thumb…

What’s great about our Periscope replay is often when people say you should photograph the parents being silly trying to get the kids to smile……well we got Jen at the beginning of this broadcast.  Haha!  If you want to join in the fun on Periscope download the app and follow us at @FrameableFaces here or if you just want to check it out from Twitter you can do that here.

The last thing we’ll leave you with you could say is the coup de grâce from this session…

Jeralyn Is ONE

Just all around cuteness with the one year expressions!  So yes Jeralyn is ONE and it really has been a delightful year photographing her!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights!!!

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