Getting Modernistic With Mallory On Her Senior Session!

So let me explain the title a little here….

I’m going to spill one of my huge blogging secrets here.  Sometimes I use a thesaurus for our titles if I’m stumped for a word that begins with the same letter of our senior’s name.  There – I said it.

Meanwhile, with Mallory the word I wanted to match was STYLISH because this girl has some serious style.  Sure many of our seniors do, but Mallory is a level above, and why shouldn’t she be – she has spent a lot of time working for our mall neighbors Guys N Gals so she has the fashion piece down.  Modernistic is a synonym for stylish and I kinda like it!  See what I did there?  You’ll see when you see the photos below.

Modernistic With Mallory…

So while Mallory came prepared with the killer wardrobe selection her mom Perah came along and Ally has known her for a long time – oh and Mallory and our Lacey are friends too so we knew this would be an exceptional session!  We started on location in the morning and our conditions were perfect once again so let’s get to it!  We started with natural settings:


She’s totes adorbs.  Notice that the girl knows how to accessorize too!

Now let’s mix in some behind the scenes fun from our day!  First with our 6 second vine for your viewing pleasure…

And next we have the first of a few live video snippets from that morning starting with a Periscope broadcast on location – if you aren’t following us on Periscope you can download the app and be a part of the shows from your smartphone here, or just watch from twitter here.

First the Quarton Lake broadcast:

And here is one more gorgeous photo of our stylish senior at the lake!



Before we head back to the studio we have a photo to share from downtown Birmingham that we love in a spot we’ve used a handful of times, just not with this chair!


And here is the behind the scenes broadcast from the city…

Now let’s head back to the studio where we finished up our day with a little Detroit love and we did another quick broadcast this time on Facebook Live!

And we’ll leave you with this photo from that last part of our day here at the studio…


Okay how cute is she?  We had a lot of fun with Mallory and we hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with her!

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