Jacqueline’s Senior Session Was Jam Packed!

We love being at the point where we have so many legacies coming to us for senior photos, and this is the second younger sister in a row on the blog!  Jacqueline jumped in some photos with her older sister Melanie last year so we got to know her a little bit and together with mom Andrea we really enjoy these girls!  If you click on the link to Melanie’s session you’ll see that they could be identical twins even though they aren’t!

With Jacqueline we took a slightly different approach than with Melanie, not spending quite as much time in the studio and heading to a different location before ending up at their house like we did last year.  Let’s start with a studio shot on the black background shall we?

Jam Packed

Love it!

Jam Packed…

From here on out it was all location and we jam packed plenty of ground into the rest of the shoot.  Before we get into the location photos let’s take a look at some behind the scenes footage from our day.  First with our fun 6 second vine:

Next we have the replay of our broadcast on Periscope with Melanie guest hosting at one point for her little sister’s session!  So fun – you can download the app and follow us at @frameablefaces here.  Meanwhile here is the broadcast which we posted on our YouTube channel.

Now let’s take a look at our location photos!  Jacqueline looks beautiful in these!

Jam Packed

That’s the shot we spent a good amount of the time getting in the broadcast!

Jam Packed

Love that close crop from the covered bridge at the same location, and let’s look at one more close up back at the house…

Jam Packed

Stunning!  And there you have it – Jacqueline’s jam packed session – jam packed with beauty and awesomeness!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with her!

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