Ian Impressed On His Senior Photo Session!

Ian impressed us indeed on his senior session.  He took time out of a busy schedule of training camp before his football season started to join us and his mom for a few hours for a photo shoot, and we had a really good time.  Not all guys really know what to expect with a three hour photo shoot and football players who are serious are pretty focused on the season in late August – I know that as well as anybody.  Nevertheless he was totally prepared with some great outfit changes, we had a really good game plan, and we had awesome conditions!

Frameable Legacies Are Fun

Meanwhile Ian was the third member of his family to be photographed here including his sister Zoe whose likeness hangs in our window on a huge canvas, and his mom for a professional / fitness headshot, so we were excited to get young Ian in here.  We started on location at a local barn:

Ian Impressed

A fine looking young lad!

We spent all of our time on location at the Shulak Farm since there is plenty to work with there…

Ian Impressed

Just casual… having fun!

Speaking of fun let’s take a look at some behind the scenes fun from our morning!  First with our vine:

And second for an extended view here is the replay of our Periscope broadcast with Ian’s mom Rebecca “guest hosting” for part of it!  Be sure to download the app and follow us there (and just about everywhere else) at @frameablefaces!  You can also watch our replays at our Katch page!

Ian Impressed

Let’s get back to a couple more photos shall we as Ian continued to impress with another locale and back at the studio as well…  First outside:

Ian Impressed

And then back at the studio:

Ian Impressed

We think you’ll agree that Ian impressed on this session right?  We’re certainly impressed with him and we hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day!

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