Some Brotherly Love and Some Birthday Cake!

Some brotherly love, some birthday cake and some general yumminess on multiple levels happened here at the studio when these two showed up that’s for sure.  What great kids!  The age gap between these two brothers was enough that having big brother here was basically like having an assistant for little brother’s first birthday photos.  A first birthday is always a great occasion for a photo shoot and a little birthday cake too, but we’ll get to the cake in a bit.

For now let’s focus in closely on these two by themselves.  They came in with their mom who is a doll and they both totally nailed the poses and the smiles – total pros!  Let’s start with our one year old.

Brotherly Love

How cute is he?  And such a great disposition – on him and his awesome older brother…

Brotherly Love

We love these two shots in black and white – they just go together nicely.  These two were having fun (as were we) as you can see in our behind the scenes vine of the morning:

We love this next photo of the birthday boy expressing how big he is!  Soooo big!

Brotherly Love

Then it was time to break out the birthday cake.  Sometimes our one year olds need a minute to process that this big cake is sitting in front of them for them to dive into all by themselves, so big brother jumped in to provide a little help.  As I mentioned before he was great – he just knew what to do and he really loves his little brother!

Brotherly Love

Just love that last shot – the interaction is priceless!  So there it is – a little bit of brotherly love and some birthday cake for you all!  We hope you enjoyed these highlights!  We certainly enjoyed being with these guys!

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