Tori Had A “Purple Reign” On Her Senior Session!

A high school senior who goes retro on the music for their session is a senior after our own hearts, and when Tori told us she liked Prince we were excited – we love jamming to Prince!  Besides Prince goes with purple which we already had in the game plan with our new purple backdrop.  Plus Tori’s school colors include purple and she really owned her session, so yeah – you could say Tori had a Purple Reign!

Tori came in with her mom and both of them are so nice – not to mention her grandma stopped by as well!  We were actually impressed with Tori from our first meeting when she told us her plans for college and postgraduate study – she’s a girl on a mission and she has a great game plan.

So let’s get to her pictures shall we?  We started out on the white background with Tori in her cheer uniform – love this!  Blackhawk spirit!

Purple Reign

Next let’s get to a couple on the black backdrop – love the ‘tude in these next couple photos starting with the hoodie.  A little “fierce” and a lot beautiful – so cool!

Purple Reign

I mentioned in the last blog post that the next two sessions will be one all indoors and one all outdoors.  An all studio or all location session is a nice change of pace and allows us as in this case with Tori to fully explore our studio options.  As I said earlier Tori owned this session and she really had it going at this point…

Purple Reign

Here’s our fun behind the scenes vine of the session…

Lastly we moved to the purple backdrop which we are really in love with and it really worked for Tori as you will see in this last photo!

Purple Reign

And that concludes our highlights of Tori’s purple reign!  We hope you enjoyed them!

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