Magnificence, Merriment, and Mayhem With Mara!

Magnificence, merriment and mayhem was the order of the day with Mara on her senior session!  We’ve known Mara for a long time and used to be in a car pool with her and her mom Lisa, but we hadn’t talked to or even really seen Mara in years, so when this beautiful and quick witted young lady walked into the studio we were blown away!  Plus we had photographed her older sister Rebecca a few years back for her senior pictures and she’s one of our faves (you can see a photo of her here – she’s the one in the 10th photo), so anticipation was high.


So let’s get to the magnificence!  Mara is also just flat out funny which is where the merriment comes in.  We spent much of her session cracking up and you’ll get a little sense of that in a bit.  Meanwhile with the exception of the yearbook headshot we spent the entire time in Birmingham to get both urban and natural shots – let’s start downtown:


Great photo right?  Love this girl.  Let’s take a look at one more in the city:


Love it when a little breeze cooperates with us giving her hair a little lift!

Now let’s head over to Quarton Lake for this stunning photo…


Great breeze, great backlight – pure magnificence indeed!

Now let’s take a look at our fun behind the scenes vine of the day where more “merriment” and the “mayhem” began… There was a construction site with a big Caterpillar truck and a gentleman doing some work in the construction zone who was more than happy to create a little noise and dust for us – and I mean that sincerely – we asked him to!

Our new friend also let us play with the Caterpillar a little which yielded this fun photo that we’ll leave you with:


So fun!  So there you have it!  A little mayhem, a lot of merriment, and ALL magnificence with Mara!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day!



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