Emma Emanates Awesomeness On Her Spokesmodel Session!

Emma emanates awesomeness – plenty of it in fact in these photos from her spokesmodel session!  But first before we get to them can we talk?  Emma followed us and we followed back on Instagram a year or two ago and we admired this beautiful and talented dancer from afar for a while before we ever met her.  She was definitely on our radar for representing our studio and we needed someone at West Bloomfield High School so we invited her over with her mom to meet.  We fell for her the moment she walked in!  She’s just one of those people who lights up a room when she enters it.  She’s funny, cool, smart, talented and nice – just the total package, and her mom is great too so we were excited to get her on board!

Oops I Did It Again…

So this may sound familiar, but with the last spokesmodel, Chase, we forgot Reflecto when we left and had to go back to get him.  Well this time we made a car swap in the morning and I forgot the camera was in the other car….  UGH.  We had to go back for the camera, and of course Reflecto was ready to tweet about it again.

Emma Emanates

Emma Emanates…

Okay now let’s get to the photos!  Our first photo is the second to feature a spokesmodel with a headband of some sort in the current class, and we love the look!

Emma Emanates

Next we headed over to one of our favorite outdoor props for this photo…

Emma Emanates

Ally had trouble narrowing down photos from Emma’s session because she was able to hold poses so perfectly.  This session was a first for us as well because we broadcast portions of it live on Periscope.  It was really cool – one of our other spokesmodels tuned in to see what we were up to along with viewers in Paris, Italy, and Great Britain!  I used a piece of the broadcast for our behind the scenes vine which I shared on my last blog post about Periscope.  If you don’t know what it is my article will provide all you need to know so far.

As it turned out if we hadn’t had our little camera delay we likely wouldn’t have met Gordie – that fun pup who jumped in for a couple shots.  We found out that he did some modeling of his own back in his day!

Back to the studio

As you can see in the vine we used our new red background which we are loving so far.  Here’s a photo with the red:

Emma Emanates

Lastly we’ll finish with Emma in this fun hat in black and white – love this one!

Emma Emanates

So there you have it!  Emma emanates awesomeness!  We hope you enjoyed these highlights and we are looking forward to getting her in front of Ally’s camera again later this year!

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