The Thrill Of The Chase – And His Spokesmodeling Session!

How’s that for a little play on words?  We are indeed thrilled for this Chase to represent our studio as a spokesmodel for the class of 2016.  Ally has known Chase’s mom going back to high school which always makes it nice too.  Chase seems like a really good kid and he’s an enterprising young man already with a business with a couple friends – PWR Detroit!  Check out the website and their bracelets made from beads from around the globe, and you’ll notice Chase wearing them in the pictures below.  Speaking of pictures let’s take a look at some from his awesome session shall we?

We started out on location or should I say we “false started”…  I left Reflecto (our snarky location reflector) at the studio in the other car so we had to run back for “him”.  Of course he tweeted about it…  Plus it was my fault and Ally could have easily thrown me under the bus but she didn’t.

Thrill Of The Chase

To Heritage Park we go…

Okay let’s try that again.  First we went on location to Heritage Park in Farmington Hills – one of our favorite spots.  There was a new structure there that immediately caught our eye.

Thrill Of The Chase

Pretty cool right?  Next we hit the stone wall which is one of our go-to spots.  Chase was great to work with and here he’s showing off the PWR Detroit gear and bracelets!

Thrill Of The Chase

Our last shot on location was on a little viewing platform at the end of a trail that we like.  There is much to discover at Heritage Park!

Thrill Of The Chase

Let’s now take a look at our behind the scenes vine of the day before we head back to the studio for one more:

Okay now back to the studio for this one on the grey:

Thrill Of The Chase

And that’ll do it for now with Chase.  We hope you enjoyed these highlights from our day with him!

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