The Twilight Was On Point For Tristan’s Senior Photos!

The twilight was on point for Tristan’s senior photos!  Every now and then we plan a nighttime shoot if it works into everyone’s schedule and when we shoot after the daylight savings “fall back” we get darkness by late afternoon.  For city portraits this can make for some really cool opportunities.  We don’t always get to try some of these creative shots with the different lighting that night shoots require.  Meanwhile we had a great senior model to work with – Tristan is a North Farmington Raider for starters which is always a bonus for us as Raider alums!  He’s a great kid with a great mom who came along for the shoot and we had much fun.  We’ll get to the city shots in a bit…

First let’s start with the studio photos where we went mostly formal.  We started with the grey backdrop which we like especially for guys in the formal wear and North Farmington’s yearbook headshots need to be on grey anyway so it’s convenient to boot.

The Twilight

From there we moved on to the black backdrop which always works well for this next close up shot:

The Twilight

We love these shots…  Tristan nailed them – really he nailed the whole session.  Here’s our fun behind the scenes vine where you’ll see us on location at night in Birmingham for the next couple photos:

The off-camera flash gives us great lighting and the shadows have a really dramatic effect here…  We use this wall all the time but this is the first time we’ve done this particular shot at night.

The Twilight

So cool right?  Totally on point.  Okay let’s take a look at one more nighttime photo…

The Twilight

Love the city flavor and the textures…  Tristan had an awesome session and we hope you enjoyed the highlights from our evening with him!

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