We Love Twin Sister Seniors! Part 2: Lindsay’s Turn!

Today as promised we bring you “part 2” of our twin sister seniors!  Yesterday we focused mainly on Nikki’s photos, and now today it’s Lindsay’s turn!

The weather forecast had us a little nervous for a while when it looked like it might be wet that morning, but it stayed dry for us and while it was a bit chilly you may have noticed yesterday that the lighting was just fine!  We were all together for the whole session so some of the locations are the same, but we also switched up a few things as well.  We’ll start in the studio again for Lindsay but with the white background this time…

twin sister seniors

Ally is a big fan of the monochromatic approach of the white on white (like the photo of Lindsay above) or black on black – with proper lighting it is a really nice look!

Now we’ll head outside where we started on our newfound trail – “The Ishbia Trail” – for this pretty photo of Lindsay surrounded by the fall colors of this tree where the shades of orange are perfect for her outfit!

twin sister seniors

Here is the fun behind the scenes vine of Lindsay’s photos!

Next we moved to the bridge at a different location that we highlighted yesterday in Nikki’s post.  Let’s start with a fun photo of the girls together:

twin sister seniors

And while we’re at it how about a “bonus” behind the scenes vine of the two of them!

Okay now back to Lindsay for some more cuteness at the bridge!

twin sister seniors

And let’s finish with one more…

twin sister seniors

Adorable!  What a great day we had with these girls.  We hope you have enjoyed our two-part celebration of their session!  We certainly did!

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