Happiness Is Photographing Hanna!

Happiness is photographing Hanna for sure – we first met Hanna and photographed her with her little brother about three years ago on location on a cold winter day, and we fell in love with all of them back then – what a great family!  So when they came back around to the studio to talk about Hanna’s senior pictures we were thrilled!  We planned a great day and we had nice weather too so everything was lined up just right, and Hanna looked beautiful!

We started off in the studio with our black background and the fan for our black and blowy look – we are big fans (no pun intended) of this pose where Hanna’s arms frame her face but her hair is still flowing outward…

Photographing Hanna

Love it.

Meanwhile we introduced a new edition to the studio in this next photo…  one of our new chairs!  Hanna led the way with the first photos on this exquisite piece so it will be known as “Hanna’s chair” going forward – if you follow this blog you know that’s how we roll.

Photographing Hanna

Meanwhile here is our fun behind the scenes vine which leads us into the location part of the session!

Hanna’s session had a little of everything since we did some studio work, some photos in a natural setting in a park and some urban shots as well.  Let’s start with the pretty before we finish with the gritty.  Black-eyed Susans have been everywhere this year and we used a pretty patch of them here – Hanna’s flowery dress is totes appropes don’tcha think?

Photographing Hanna

Lastly we moved into the city where the new color of the wall-formerly-known-as-the-white-wall was great for Hanna – love her confidence here:

Photographing Hanna

And there you have it – nothing but pure happiness on this day with this girl!  We loved it – time flashed by since the last session when Hanna was but a freshman in high school and she is just as sweet now as she was then!

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