Alesha Leads The Way For The Class of 2015!

Alesha leads the way for the class of 2015 with these photos from her spectacular senior session!  You already saw 14 members of this class as spokesmodels and those are “our” sessions where we test out new ideas.  We wrapped those up and now going forward the class of 2015 sessions belong to the seniors!

As for Alesha we have become very big fans of this girl in a very short time and we were very excited to photograph her.  We were itching to get going with our new seniors and we already had one rain out so we were not happy when we woke up to pouring rain and even some thunder on the morning of her scheduled photo shoot.  We had our eyes on the hourly forecast and it stayed pretty true to the prediction of better weather in the afternoon so we kept the appointment and crossed our fingers…

We started in the studio with our black background:Alesha Leads

Next we moved over to the white, but with a blue gel.  Using colored gels over our lights allows us to manipulate the color a bit which gives us a cool look.  Alesha looks great in the red against the blue!  This would probably be a good time to give a shout out to Gloria at The Beauty Lounge for the makeup with this close-up!

Alesha Leads

At this point we were ready to head outside and as luck would have it “outside” was ready for us!  The weather cleared up and we had a perfect afternoon!  Here is a fun little vine with a couple highlights of the day:

Love love love these next two photos – the lighting and all the green in this one is amazing!  Alesha has a natural and easy smile and this photo just works.

Alesha Leads

Alesha was a trooper – it’s a little yucky where she got in the water and she stood there and waited for one very large cloud to pass so we could get the lighting we wanted!  We took a series of photos here and here is one we like that has a bit of a unique look in black and white.

Alesha Leads

We enjoyed our time with Alesha and we are so glad to know her!  We hope you enjoyed these photos!

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