Alexa In The Senior Spokesmodel Spotlight!

As we put Alexa in the senior spokesmodel spotlight for the class of 2015 she continues the trend as the third straight one whose older sibling was a Frameable Faces senior!  Alexa’s sister Jordyn was featured in this post from the class of 2013 – she is the fifth one from the top lying down with her face towards Ally’s camera in a close crop.  We are big fans of these girls and we have been looking forward to photographing Alexa for a long time!  We can say without any doubt that it was worth the wait and we are so happy to have her representing our studio!

Alexa in the senior spokesmodel spotlight

We started out on the black background and we love the way the above photo turned out.  The shirt, the leather, the shoes – great combo.  Often the approach to a photo is a collaboration and the fashion is such a key part of a senior shoot.  The seniors bring a couple of suitcases of style.  Both Alexa and Sierra in this class said the exact same thing when they showed up for their sessions – “Okay I’m movin’ in!”  Then they go through the clothes with Ally who can help match the clothing with the photo set up.  Keep in mind for senior pictures we always meet with our senior ahead of time to go over strategy as well.  With our spokesmodels we can experiment a little more, but Alexa nailed that first look right out of the gate.

Alexa in the senior spokesmodel spotlight

Next we moved to our spotlight set above which we built last year and it has proven to be a popular one.  It is versatile too since we can make the spotlights different colors but for this session we went with standard white.  Love it!  After we finished with the spotlight we broke out some colors.  We started out with Alexa in a green dress against the pink background:

Alexa in the senior spokesmodel spotlight

We were having fun and laughing a lot as you can see in this vine…  🙂

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