Milian, Milton, and a Million Smiles!

Milian, Milton, and a million smiles seemed like the perfect title for this post, since 6 year old Milian had us cracking up in amazement the whole time he was here.  I don’t think we have ever met a kid like this at his age.  He is like a little prodigy!  He has a sense of humor and an ability to carry on a conversation that plenty of adults are incapable of.  Such a cool kid!

Milian, Milton, and a Million Smiles

We focused mainly on the little man for most of the session before dad Milton jumped in for a few pictures together.  We started out on the white background and we actually posted two vines from this session – like I said, we were having fun!  Ally did not really need to give Milian a lot of direction.  Really we just needed to put on some music and away he went.  Milian was in charge of the music – heck, he was in charge of the whole session!  This vine is the behind the scenes clip from the photo above!

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