Stretching The Limits In Stunning Fashion!

Emily is one of our faves – she’s beautiful, really funny and really sweet!  She has represented our studio this year as a spokesmodel and we’ve really enjoyed getting to know her.  We were really excited for her session and looking forward to it after we met for her consultation and then…… something happened.

We entered her date and time into our software but somehow neither of us managed to forward it into our iCals.  Eeek!  I can’t say that we’ve ever made a mistake like that.  As a result we were caught off guard and frankly quite mortified at our error when Emily arrived.  Fortunately we have safeguards in place that kept us from scheduling anything else during her time slot and so we were fine to shoot (thank goodness)!  As we say every session has a story right?

High School Senior Portrait

High School Senior Portrait

High School Senior Portrait

Meanwhile – what a session!!!  We took plenty of extra time (we wanted to make up for our mistake sure but selfishly we would photograph this girl all day long) and used some off-camera flash on an empty street and the results were spectacular – awesome girl, awesome sky, awesome shot!  Shooting well into the evening, stretching the limits in stunning fashion!

High School Senior Picture

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