Erin’s “Perfect” Session?

Okay so the title of this post can be a little misleading if we’re singling out this session because we feel that we have lots of “perfect” sessions, so let me explain when it comes to this stunning North Farmington Raider…

High School Senior Portrait

We often joke when we are in a session that if Ally loves the senior she gets over excited and starts firing away burning through the memory card (it happens frequently).  So sometimes during outfit changes or on the way to a location Ally will go through the images on the back of the camera to take out some obvious eye blinks to clear enough room.

High School Senior Picture

So along comes yet another girl we really like who is super nice and looks great and sure enough Ally realizes she’s getting a little crazy with the shutter.  The “problem” this time was that Erin was such a pro there were barely any obviously-less-than-great shots and virtually NO eye blinks!  A perfect session for real?  We’ll let you decide, but either way there’s no doubt it was pretty darn good…  🙂  Enjoy!High School Senior PicturesHigh School Senior Pictures


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