Hangin’ and Laughin’ With Calvin!

This is a session that we’ll remember for a long time.  Calvin came in with his older sister – what a fun dynamic that was!  Usually seniors come in with their parents but this was a nice change of pace and we really enjoyed our time with Calvin and Amanda!!!

High School Senior Picture

Calvin did an awesome job and he’s got great style so the session turned out GREAT and we stumbled upon a couple of new spots while we were on location.  New spots are really exciting for us and when you go to an urban setting there seems to be a never ending array of nooks and crannies on walls and in alleys if you open your eyes and look.  We started with some studio work as you can see above, and then we headed to the city before coming back to wrap up with a couple more shots indoors.

Here are a couple of the city shots along with a fun behind-the-scenes vine of the proceedings…

High School Senior Picture

This vine cracks us up as you hear Ally yell at Calvin to “laugh”!!!  Haha!

High School Senior Portrait

While you can see that Calvin has a great smile, he also has the serious look down.  All in all it was a great day and we laughed plenty – we had so much fun hangin’ and laughin’ with Calvin!

High School Senior Picture



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