On A Crisp Clear Fall Day You Can See… Alanah!

Alanah picked a perfectly beautiful day for her session – it was cold but the lighting and the location were perfect and we had a lot of fun.  We don’t want to embarrass her by saying this but when we met Alanah we thought she was really shy and quiet.  Alanah is another senior we have known for years and we photographed her brother two years ago, but it was not until she became a spokesmodel for us this past year that we really got to know her and discovered that once you get to know her she’s not shy at all!  She’s actually very outgoing and pretty funny!

High School Senior Picture

Her mom had the idea of having Alanah in a boat (you have to give credit where credit is due haha) and she had the perfect spot for us, so we went to the location first since we had great sunlight and an early morning start.  Getting the boat into the water provided a few laughs and the whole scene was pretty amusing as you can see in this vine…

…but it was worth it – the results are great!

High School Senior Portrait

We then got a few other spots and one of our favorite trees turned red earlier than we thought it would so that was a bonus!  We love the way this one turned out and Alanah looks stunning!

High School Senior Picture

We did all of Alanah’s spokesmodel shots in the studio earlier in the year so we didn’t plan to spend a ton of time indoors this time around but we still headed back to the studio to get a couple more and here’s a highlight from those.  We hope you have enjoyed these highlights from Alanah’s session a fraction as much as we enjoyed photographing them and getting to know this adorable young lady over the years!

High School Senior Picture

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