A Wonderful Family Of Four…..For Now

As you can see this crew of 4 will not be 4 for long….  child #3 is on the way!

Family Photo

Meanwhile we love a challenge.  Especially the type of challenge like “I just hope you can get one good shot – we’re not sure if our kids will sit for very long”.  As parents we’ve always said that while we prefer our kids to be well behaved at home as well as out, that it’s always more important that they be polite, nice and well behaved for other adults.  Some kids when they are little go through phases where they listen better and then maybe sometimes not so much.  Well these two little ones were perfect for this session!  They did a great job!!!

Picture of Cute Siblings

We were able to get a ton of great shots!  We used a couple different set ups as well – not all of which you’ll see here but they had a good time with all of it.  They were very cute on one of our little benches too as this fun vine shows…

All in all it was a very successful day!  Here are a couple more highlights from the session – enjoy!

Handsome Young Man!Child Portrait

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