Bees, Bridges, Bogs and a Beautiful Girl!

Emily is one of our class of 2014 spokesmodels so if you follow this blog or our studio on other sites you’ve probably seen her before.  Her spokesmodel session was photographed completely in the studio so for her senior session we spent the whole time outdoors.  We had a perfect day and this special senior deserved nothing less!

High School Senior Picture

Yes this session had everything including a little entertainment at my expense when I ran straight into a sign that was a few feet behind me as I avoided a bee.  Okay I’m a little bit of a wimp when it comes to bees… and ironically it turns out Emily and her mom are used to bees since they actually keep bees and they brought us some honey a few days after the session!  In keeping with the “B” theme we also photographed Emily in front of a “bog”…

High School Senior Portrait

…and on a bridge.  This was a new bridge that we weren’t aware of and we stumbled upon it on a trail during the session so for us it will now be forever referred to as Emily’s bridge (because that’s how we roll).

High School Senior Portrait

We had a great time and it’s been a true honor to have Emily represent us this year!

High School Senior Portrait

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