Max – At The Top Of The City!

Photographers listen up – always get permission before you shoot somewhere you suspect you shouldn’t.  It’s not a good idea to trespass….  We had permission to use this location to capture these incredible shots of Max.

High School Senior Pictures

We got way more than we bargained for when we headed out with Max to get some cool urban shots when we happened across an opportunity to scale a fire escape up to the top of a building!  This was a Frameable Faces first!  Max rocked a suit for this session which we certainly encourage more seniors to do.  We love the look!  Very dapper.  Very GQ!

High School Senior PictureHigh School Senior Portrait

After the city we changed gears for this unique photo of Max surrounded by his collection of soccer jerseys.  We really enjoyed this session – Max brought his own unique approach which made it really cool!

High School Senior Photo

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