Doug’s Rant – It’s Selfie Time! – August 30, 2013

Let’s celebrate the selfie and give it its due now that it’s become an official addition to the English language!

Selfie word of the year

Whoa – now THAT’S a serious selfie! Amateur photo taken by Doug with his smartphone. ūüôā

Yep, that’s right the selfie has a seat at the table and has been validated as a legitimate word¬†as announced by the Oxford English Dictionary this week. ¬†There has been plenty of dialogue and debate about the selfie. ¬†Here is the official definition if you have been living in a cave are not sure what we are talking about…

Selfie: “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website” – Oxford University Press

Old School Photographer Lament

Some professional photographers lament the popularity of smartphone pics, instagram, selfies and the like. ¬†Some of them worry that these amateur photos are passing for good photos when they’re not, and that this is bringing down the photography profession.

Our Position

We disagree. ¬†We enjoy Instagram,¬†snapchat, and even the occasional selfie. ¬†We use them ourselves and we feel that the more people enjoy everyday photography the more they will appreciate and enjoy professional photos. ¬†Rather than be threatened by it we choose to embrace it and have fun with it. ¬†If a selfie doesn’t make you smile you might be a curmudgeon. ¬†Lighten up!

Just Be Smart About It

As for the negative side of the selfie, you certainly have to use common sense just like anything you do online. ¬†Don’t post pictures of yourself in ways that are inappropriate or that you might regret later and maybe you should consider not completely overdoing it because according to three business schools in Britain too many selfies may actually ruin your relationships!!!

What do you think?  Do you post selfies?  On Selfie Sundays only or all the time?


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