Wooohhhh Hoooooo!!!! Beautiful Girls!!!!

You know, that Van Halen song? Or is it just David Lee Roth? Either way, that song’s been going through my head since I photographed these two. They are definitely beautiful! I’ve posted a few from them before, but here’s the real “sneak peak.”

I don’t know if I could’ve even put a model search out that would have brought me better models than these two. A and S are so pretty and were so great in the studio. They were totally on their game and were perfect models! I was telling Doug that when we get some new props in or just need some models for some new images in the studio, A and S are at the tippy top of our list! LOVED working with them!

So, here’s the real deal from their session. Enjoy the “S” sisters!!!

Until next time,

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