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Frameable Birds and Gators From The Florida Everglades!

Frameable birds and gators from the Florida Everglades you ask?  Yes!  We recently took a family road trip down to Florida and we did our typical itinerary of Civil War Battlefields such as Lookout Mountain, Resaca, Kennesaw Mountain and Olustee, local eateries such as McKinley’s Bread Shop & Deli in Shelbeyville, KY, The Bear’s Den in Macon, GA, Padrino’s and Flakowitz in South Florida, as well as our traditional stop for Skyline Chili in Ohio.

Here’s a shot of our fam at the Olustee Battlefield in Florida taken by the friendly park ranger with my iPhone:

Cohen family at Olustee Battlefield

Meanwhile part of our Florida trip entailed driving from Delray Beach on the East coast to Captiva Island for a wedding on the Gulf Coast which took us through Alligator Alley which is the stretch of I-75 that cuts straight through the Florida Everglades.  It’s a straight shot without much civilization along the way although there is certainly a ton of wildlife including (of course) plenty of alligators!  You can see them just hanging out on the side of the highway on the other side of the fence that runs along the side of the whole drive – they can’t really get to the highway.  However it’s hard when you’re traveling at 70 mph to get a good look, so we turned down one of the few crossroads where there wasn’t much traffic, put on our hazards, and looked for gators…

Screenshot 2015-03-03 14.46.29

That cross road in the center of the map (route 29) is where we were, and it didn’t take long before we saw one gator after the other just on the other side of the little creek that ran along the side of the road.  Here there was no fence – just a guard rail, so Ally pulled out her camera and shot from the car as you can see here:

Ally photographing a gator

Every now and then Ally shoots some landscapes or wildlife when we are on a trip just for fun and inspiration and while this is not our niche we like to share them for fun!  Plenty of gators and exotic birds – we aren’t bird watchers so if anyone wants to help us identify these please share in the comments!

Florida Everglades Of all the alligators we saw, we only saw one of them actually move…  Most of them were just chilling out.  As a side note I did do a little basic research to confirm that these are indeed gators and not crocs and I’m reasonably sure they are alligators.  Now let’s take a look at some birds:

Florida Everglades

And a few more shots…

Florida Everglades

Florida EvergladesFlorida EvergladesFlorida EvergladesThe best photo op we had was when we spotted two gators hanging out together – the one up on the bank was the one who moved – as we were pulling away he slid down into the water to join his friend for a little swim.

Florida Everglades

Florida EvergladesSo there you have it – some fun photos by Ally in Alligator Alley!  We hope you enjoyed these!  See ya later gators!!!