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An Honor To Have Chase Here For His Senior Pictures!

Yes it was fun to have Chase here for his senior pictures, but it was also an honor since Chase will be joining the Army after high school!  What a great kid and we know he’ll have a great career in the armed forces.  But for now let’s enjoy the fun pics where everyone got involved from the fam to Diva the pup, and this session was broken up into two days because of weather…  that seems to be a bit of a theme this Fall!

An Honor To Have Chase…

So we started in the studio on our scheduled day even with the bad weather outside and mom Krysten and nana Denise both joined us!  Great ladies!  Here is Chase on the white backdrop for the clean basic contemporary look – always a winner.



We also have some behind the scenes with the replay of our Facebook Live broadcast where Chase donned a little Army gear (a t-shirt, ballcap, and camo shorts)!

And the result:


Very cool!  We support our military!

Day 2

The day we had scheduled for the location session was a perfect day and everyone got into the act here…  so fun!  Let’s start with Chase and Diva the German Shepherd!


Diva even smiled for the picture!  Awesome.

We have more behind the scenes here too this time from the replay of the YouTube Live broadcast:

We’ll leave you with the family shot complete with the little bros!


And there you have it – an honor to be with these folks and Chase especially.  A fine young man to be sure!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our time with all of them!

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