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Double Trouble? Double FUN! Meet Harrison and Henry!

I got a phone call from Carlos looking to set up a photo session on pretty short notice…..for his twin one month old boys!  I knew Ally would be pretty excited since we’ve had plenty of babies in the studio and plenty of twins, but no twin babies!  We had time available the following day which was exactly 30 days from Harrison and Henry’s birth so it seemed like the planets were aligning!  And what a session!  Are twin boys double trouble to photograph?  HECK NO – they’re double FUN!!!

Double Fun with Harrison and Henry!

Carlos and Gina came to the studio well prepared with some monogrammed burp cloths for the boys which we’ll get to.  In the meantime for one month old babies it’s hit or miss on how easy it will be to get them to sleep which always makes for easier posing and photographing.  So with twins this was somewhat unchartered territory!  Indeed, they were not ready to nap when they got here so we had to wait it out a bit….  a little classical music, some low light, some high heat and an hour or two of patience and we were in business!!!  We always block off two hours but allow for cushion on the back end with little babies just in case we need the extra time.  So without further adieu, let’s meet the boys!

We’ll start with the individual shots – first of Henry:

Double Fun

How great is he?

And here’s Harrison…

Double Fun

Okay how awesome is the tongue…!

We also have some fun behind the scenes action for you – first with the replay of the Periscope broadcast – you can join in the fun and follow us on Periscope at @frameablefaces at this link, or you can just check out the broadcasts from twitter here.

And here is an amazing shot from that part of the session that will definitely make you smile….

Double Fun

Caption that one however you like.  🙂

We have one more broadcast replay this time from Facebook Live and this one was shared and liked quite a bit…

We’ll leave you with one more photo from the session with the monogrammed burp cloths from the Facebook broadcast:

Double Fun

Double fun indeed!!!!  Double adorable, double delicious – the list goes on and we hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with Harrison and Henry!

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