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We Were Awed By Audrey On Her Senior Spokesmodel Session!

We are in awe of Audrey!  We were certainly awed by her on her spokesmodel session – what a cool human.  We actually have so much in common with this family it’s scary…  They’ve rescued a bunch of cats – so did we and we still have a couple of them.  Audrey’s dad is in a band.  So is Doug.  They don’t eat meat.  We don’t either….  It just seemed like the planets aligned for us to meet them and Audrey’s mom Michelle is as cool as Audrey – the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.  Audrey herself is a sharp cookie with personality to burn – we gotta say we think we really recruited well for this year’s spokesmodel crew!!!  With Audrey we are also extra excited because she’s our very FIRST Troy Athens Redhawk!!!

Awed By Audrey

So Audrey came ready to roll on a day where the weather forecast kept changing.  It was supposed to be a total rainout, and then it wasn’t, but then it did rain, but then it stopped….. sheesh.  We were prepared to just go all studio but as you’ll see we did make it outside in the end.  We’ll start with the studio though on the black background with the black couch which is a look we love – especially with Audrey’s contrasting blonde hair:

AudreyLove that one!

Next we broke out our grey fabric for the first time with this class of 2019 spokesmodel crew.  We have two greys – the paper and the fabric and we like both a lot.  We also did a little behind the scenes livestreaming for this part on Facebook Live – take a look by clicking on the video below!

And here is one of the grey background results…



Dodging the Downpour

Just before Audrey and Michelle arrived at the studio it was pouring outside – we can hear it from the roof above our studio when it comes down hard.  We thought we weren’t going outdoors at all.  But then it stopped and the forecast was showing only “cloudy” with 5%-15% chance of rain the rest of the day.  So we went out.  Right when we got to our location it started raining again and we decided to wait it out for a little bit as we saw our opportunity slipping away….  we were in two cars and we had a group text going…




But lo and behold just when we were about to call it a day the rain stopped!  We sprung into action and got a couple more gems – we even got in another livestream on Instagram!


Here’s our fun behind the scenes Instagram Live which skips a little because the signal wasn’t great…

We’ll leave you with one more from outside – we were happy to get these because Spring is finally arriving and there’s a little color out there now….


And there you have it!  We were certainly Awed by Audrey – we can’t wait to get her in front of Ally’s camera again for her senior pictures!


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