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Going For The Gold With Grace and Hurdling To Senior Session Greatness!

This was probably the easiest blog post title I’ve ever had to write!  Going for the gold was easy with Grace because she’s a sweetheart, she’s an accomplished track and field student-athlete, she’s friends with another of our all time fave seniors Jojo, and she’s a gold medal hurdler herself!  Like – for real!

Going For The Gold With Grace…

This was a session of firsts for us – we found a new spot that we photographed for the first time in Pontiac, and we set a hurdle on fire – we’ve set plenty of stuff on fire before but never a hurdle!  Before we get to the hurdle we’ll start with the location photos in Pontiac where we noticed a little marble structure that we never used before that framed Grace nicely:



We also have some fun behind the scenes for you first from the replay of the Instagram LIVE:

We were all a little hungry at this point too, so we stopped for a snack and discovered that while Grace likes guacamole she has zero interest in avocado toast.  We’re not totally sure why.  Hehe…

So an outfit change later we did a little more exploring in Pontiac and captured these next couple images…


We are always fans of the fire escapes…


Grace looks amazing!

At this point it was time to get back to the studio where the session got REALLY LIT!!!  Grace brought a hurdle to the studio and we lit it on fire – kinda like the fire Grace leaves in her wake as she hurdles to greatness!  Check out the behind the scenes broadcast of this from Facebook – it’s sooooo cool!

And here’s the fiery result!



We’re going to leave you with one more video….  We don’t usually post these types of things here but we can’t help it – we’re just SO excited for Grace!  Not long after our session Grace was off to Argentina to compete in the Summer Youth Olympic Games where she took the GOLD in the women’s 100 meter hurdles!  Here she is going for gold!

And there you have it – now you see what we meant when we said we were going for the gold and hurdling towards senior session greatness!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with Grace!

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