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Up And At ‘Em For Some Laker Pride And Senior Photos With Jared!

When we say we were up and at ’em for some Laker Pride with Jared we aren’t kidding!  The first photo you’ll see in these sneak peeks is one you would assume was a night time shot, but it was actually a morning shot before sunrise!  The schedule just worked out that way so we said let’s go for it, and you know what?  There’s something to be said for that “early to bed early to rise” thing…  ha!  Meanwhile Jared is a cool dude and his dad Phil joined us who was very helpful having dabbled in some photography himself.  Needless to say, it was a memorable morning and the proof is in the portraits.

Laker Pride with Jared…

So for the first shot we headed back to the West Bloomfield High School SWAMP (that’s the nickname for their football stadium) where we’ve photographed a couple of Jared’s teammates this year to get what has become somewhat of a signature football shot of ours – another winner – Jared looks the part for sure!

Laker Pride

Looking good – Laker Pride indeed…

Once we got the photos we needed at the Swamp we headed over to Birmingham to take a few city photos and we have a little behind the scenes fun for you starting with the replay of our Facebook Live broadcast:

Here are two of the resulting photos from this segment of the morning:

Laker Pride

Big fans of that one…  and one more:

Laker Pride


At this point we brought it back home to the studio to finish up and here is the behind the scenes as Jared donned his letter jacket and showed off a little versatility with a multi-sport approach, and maybe our first shot put photo (?)….

And here is the result!

Laker Pride

Awesome stuff.  We had one heck of a morning with this guy and we hope you enjoyed the highlights of our time with him!

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