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When Clientele and Partnership Collide – Introducing Sheago!

This has been a year of many changes for us here at Frameable Faces and this story is a big part of it.  Personal change with our daughter Lacey going off to college in a week (!!!) and our switch to a mostly plant based lifestyle, along with professional change with a bit of diversification for the studio with Ally teaching photography classes, adding more focus to photo restoration to complement our portrait work and me taking on a couple of social media clients as well.  It’s all great and exciting stuff, and this latest opportunity seems to be a natural extension, or you might even say a culmination of all of that…  Introducing Sheago!

Introducing Sheago

Mamatuga Baby Rub and handmade soap!

Introducing Sheago!

The story goes like this in a nutshell:  Anoa Gollman contacted us saying she needed some product photos on pretty short notice for a website.  So she came to the studio and Ally knocked out the photos for her.  Product photos can be complicated from a lighting standpoint sometimes, but the products generally cooperate.  Haha…  As we got to talking to Anoa she told us the story of her company and how she sold her products in Whole Foods and Plum Market for years but that she was moving the company to a direct sales model which Ally has had plenty of experience with.  But this was a case where Ally connected with the owner of the company and they just hit it off.  Anoa let Ally try some of the products and Ally fell in love.  Remember when I mentioned how we’ve gone largely plant based this year (me vegan, Ally vegetarian)?  Well this is directly from the Sheago website:

“Beautiful skin is developed and sustained by maximizing two quintessential components of skin care: hydration (moisture) and nutrients (vitamins).
Our products are food and plant based. So, we start and finish with fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, seeds and nuts to make our skin creams, after shower splashes, shampoos, conditioners, hair butters and soaps.  We are unique in that we do not use alcohol, mineral oil, petroleum, parabins or artificial colors in our skin care,  even though it is the base of most lotions. Our vision was and is to create nutritious products for the skin and hair so that your body eats a healthy meal every day.
Remember, skin and hair care should be “wholistic”. We are not selling snake oil and we are not magicians.  We encourage you to also eat healthy, well balanced meals, drink lots of water and exercise!  But, proper skin care is the foundation to uncovering a glowing, new you.
So, come on. You have nothing to lose and only beautiful skin to gain.  Try  Sheago products today.” 


Clientele and Partnership collide…

Sometimes what a client brings your way just makes too much sense not to partner together on.  So we are in.  And we’re excited.  Let Ally know if you are interested in these fantastic products.  You can get them from Ally and be a part of the #SheagoMovement!  Let’s take a look at a few more:

Introducing Sheago

Natural Bath Salts and handmade soaps!

The idea of only putting things on your skin that are made of ingredients you would also ingest is really appealing to us.  All natural!

Introducing Sheago

Body butters, After shower body oils, All natural toners, Day Creams, and Healing Ointments

There’s a full line of hair care products as well – many more items where these came from that you can see at the website or just ask Ally…

Introducing Sheago

Dead Sea Mud and Detoxifying Black Soap

So there you go!  We are thrilled to be introducing Sheago Cosmetics and to be a part of the #SheagoMovement!  Ingredients which are good for your inside, moisturization which is good for your outside – have you fed your skin its vegetables today?

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