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We Are Zo Crazy About Our Spokesmodel Zoe!

Zo… yes we are crazy about our spokesmodel Zoe!  We did not know Zoe before this Spring but she came highly recommended from a few different people and we connected with her and her mom Elyse right away!  We had quite a lot of fun on her spokesmodel session and Ally and Zoe were doing the wobble in the studio by the end of it.  Yes, the wobble (you may have seen it on our Snapchat story and we actually uploaded it to the Facebook page).  That was a first!

To Birmingham…

So let’s get to the session – we met on location in Birmingham where we were joined by a swan, a random somewhat creepy guy and some bright light that was a little challenging on Zoe’s eyes.  Through it all Zoe rocked her session and we love the results, not to mention an amazing black and blowy shot, but we’ll get to blowy Zoe later.  First let’s start on location:

Spokesmodel Zoe

The light was mostly diffused under a cloudy sky on this day which is great to work with.  Sometimes if you’re facing a certain way the glare can still be tough on the eyes but that wasn’t a problem until we tried to get a shot by the waterfall towards the end of the location part of the session.  For these first few spots we were okay and Zoe didn’t have any problem – as I said before she was killin’ it!  Love this next one….

Spokesmodel Zoe

One more location shot with this close crop on the bridge…

Spokesmodel Zoe

Now let’s take a look at our behind the scenes vine of our day:

Back to the studio…

In the vine you can see Zoe during the black and blowy set up, and we will leave you with one of those:

Spokesmodel Zoe

Fantastic!  So, YES we are crazy about this girl!  We are very excited that she’s on our team and we hope you enjoyed these highlights of her spokesmodel session!