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Sahana’s Senior Session Is Pure Sunshine And Splendor!

Sahana’s senior session was pure sunshine and splendor and it comes as no surprise – we have known Sahana for years and we had been looking forward to the day when we would have her here as a senior!  She is a sweetheart and a talented violinist to boot.  We also love when we have the chance to photograph traditional clothing – in this case an Indian half saree which is so colorful!  So we have studio, sunshine, and certainly splendor so let’s get to it!

Sahana’s Senior Session…

Sahana’s mom Sandya came along for the session and she is wonderful too so we were in for a great day.  We started in the studio and went with a couple different outfits and backdrops.  We’ll start with the black background:

Sahana's Senior Session

Beautiful – and we haven’t even gotten to the “sunshine and splendor” yet!  Haha…

We also have plenty of behind the scenes fun from the live broadcasts we did that day.  First our Periscope broadcast from the studio – if you want to be a part of our shows you can download the twitter-owned app and follow us at @FrameableFaces at this link, or if you just want to watch from twitter you can follow us here:

Here’s one more photo from the studio on the white backdrop – loving the ripped white jeans on white look!

Sahana's Senior Session

And here is the Facebook Live broadcast from the studio before we head out on location…  🙂

Now it’s time to head out for the:

Pure Sunshine And Splendor!

First we have this wonderful close up – the conditions and the lighting were just right and Ally captured this gorgeous shot of Sahana!  Love that bit of backlight on her hair!

Sahana's Senior Session

We also had some fun with another broadcast outdoors on Periscope while Sahana was in the outfit above:

….and last but not least we have the colorful splendor of the traditional Indian half saree for this wonderful photo!!!

Sahana's Senior Session

So there you have it!  The pure sunshine and splendor of Sahana’s senior session!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day!


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