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Nelma and Her Fabulous Fam Represents Frameable Nation In Pensacola!

NELLLLLLLLLMAAAAAA!!!  Okay we need to explain.  We met Nelma through Periscope and we’ve known her for quite some time now.  We both used to host game shows on a network called “Play For Stuff”, were hanging out in the same circles in the Periscope community and we have consequently spent plenty of time in each other’s broadcasts.  Nelma actually named our living room in the studio “the parlor” and one of our couches is named for her too………..and she’s never actually set foot in our studio.  She lives in Pensacola, Florida with her husband Alfie and their adorable daughter Lydia.  That just speaks to the amazing madness that is Periscope, and we have no idea how this piece started but anytime Nelma jumps into one of our broadcasts she’s greeted with “NELLLLLLMAAAAA!!!” by the two of us in unison.

So eventually as we’ve documented here we got the idea to plan a road trip for Spring Break that would include photo sessions since we are asked quite often if we would travel to do them.  The Frameable Faces Spring Tour started to take shape and when we said we were coming south to Florida, Nelma said “sign me up”!  We were so excited to finally meet her and to photograph her family!  We met in downtown Pensacola on the back end of a drive all the way up the state from Del Ray just in time for great light and really nice conditions at Plaza Ferdinand VII in the center of town!

Nelma and Her Fabulous Fam…

Let’s start with a fun pic of the three of them…


And how about one of just Nelma and Alfie?

NelmaThey’re awesome.  As delightful in person as we expected!

As usual we have some behind the scenes fun for you – we did a Periscope broadcast and here is the replay!  You can follow us and join in the fun at this link or you can just check it out from Twitter here.

Now let’s talk about sweet little Lydia!  She is 4 and she is such a cutie!


So adorable!  And such a little character – we had a lot of fun with her.


Love that one!

And that’s the one we’ll leave you with!  Let’s also give a little shout out to check out her online store Beach Baby Couture with custom letter blankets and all sorts of other custom bedding, quilts, clothing – you name it!  We saw her home shop where she makes all of these items – we were really impressed!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our time with Nelma and thanks for reading!

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