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Our Amazing Experience in San Francisco at Summit Live! Part 2

Summit Live as I discussed in part 1 the other day was a truly special and amazing experience, and so much so that there was no way I could tell the whole story in one blog post.  So let’s continue on with the rest of the event shall we?  We only got through the first day in the last post but we’ll try to wrap up the rest here.

A-Paneling We Go…

On day two Ally had the honor of moderating the photography panel which included @TerryLWhite (The Adobe Master), @EricNeitzel (The Journalistic Photo Genius), Aaron Roth from @Arkon_Mounts (The Equipment Guru), and @jennamtphoto (The Underwater Portrait Innovator).   Here is the replay of the broadcast from our YouTube channel!  Note: These broadcasts were originally embedded from Katch.me which no longer exists.  The replays we had to replace them with do not contain the comments and unfortunately the first one below was corrupted during the upload from Katch…

It’s a bummer we don’t have this one available because Ally did a pretty darn good job!

Afterwards we fired up another broadcast with a bunch of Peri-friends in the lobby / vendor area and we’ll list a few of them for you and where they appear:

@Skorstar (Caroline Lesley) and her husband @JonErlichman appear right at the beginning.  We’ve known them on Periscope for a while now and they are fantastic.  Caroline is the creator of the @PeriscopePuppet and it’s the most hilarious thing – her mouth does this weird thing when she talks as the puppet which you never see during puppet broadcasts…  Jon has been doing tech trivia for a long time which is always a blast and the two of them along with Seth Cohen are the co-creators of the first Periscope network @ParachuteTV1 which we have been on before and as of this writing we will be returning on Tuesday 1/26/16 with a show called “The Photo Shop” which we are excited about!

@mojojojonez appears around the 1:58 mark – Amanda is a sweetie and we just met her on Periscope not more than a month or two ago.

@KyleKittleson shows up right after at about the 2:05 mark and at that point I got roped into what I’m pretty sure was my first chorus line ever….  Ally became a pretty big Kyle fan over the weekend to the point where I had to tell him I was sick of hearing about him…  hehe

@eguerra019 shows up at the 4 minute mark – Ed, or “E”, is an entrepreneur from Mexico and he has told us he may be making a trip to our neck of the woods here in Detroit on business soon!

At the 6 minute mark Ally reveals that she dropped her iPhone in the toilet and she shows off her 7-11 temporary special $12 phone…  ugh.

At the 7:30 mark we got “King Cake mobbed” in our scope – I guess a king cake is a cake from New Orleans – hadn’t heard of that but we totally respect the mob game just for the record.

@WickFury makes an appearance at 8:30 – what a good guy and a talented guy too.  The first scope we saw of his I think was an awesome stencil art scope he did several months back.  Seems he was providing the security for the event!

@Ryan_A_Bell appears to make a few more funny faces at about 10:15 – he’s really good at that.  Hehe…

After the day’s events we headed over to a local bar called John Colins for a little get together with the team from Periscope where we met Kayvon Beykpour the co-founder and CEO – what a nice and humble guy.  Here’s a photo of us along with Jason Cooper (Sock Cop himself next to me) and his wife Amanda.  The girl to Kayvon’s right I think is another member of the Periscope team but alas I’m not 100% sure….  I’ll update this if someone can let me know!

Summit Live

Summit Live Gets Live At Night

Later that night @TheRealJuanJohn had a table set up where he was doing drawings and he did a graffiti version of our “FF” Frameable Faces avatar which I scoped – check it out in this 5 minute replay.  Pretty cool!

Day 3 of Summit Live

We woke up to a happy text from @CathyHackl asking if we wanted to grab breakfast.  The third day was the day of our small business panel which we were really excited about, and one of our good Peri-friends the stunningly beautiful @BeBonita Viviane Aires came up to our room to do Ally’s makeup for the day!  So Cathy and I walked over to The Grove around the corner to grab a bite and I brought breakfast back to the room for Ally.

Summit Live

Doug and Cathy at The Grove!

When we got back Viviane and Ally had already started.  Viviane is a makeup artist and beauty scoper based in Philadelphia.  She’s awesome and I scoped a bit of her doing Ally’s makeup:

At this point we were ready to rock our panel!  We were really pleased that we had a packed room and “Chocolate Johnny” Kapos was the moderator – he did a superb job and there was a lot of talent and knowledge at that table as we were joined by Victoria Taylor (@VictoriaTaylUK – her social media company is called Blend Social), Jana Francis (@Jana_Steals – she is the founder of steals.com), and Sam Martin (@Socially_Sam of sociallysam.com).

Ally and I got to share our philosophy of live streaming for a small business and how to build community around your brand.  We discussed how we broadcast together and are both on board together with our strategy as a mom and pop shop.  We talked about how you can get direct business from Periscope which should only grow, how to enhance the experience for your clients through Periscope broadcasts, and the importance of viewing this as a long game since we are just starting to enter the early adoption phase of live streaming – 2015 was really the early innovator stage.  Joel Comm discussed this in his keynote speech as you can see below:

Summit Live

Joel Comm

Meanwhile this was a dream of ours since we first attended Imaging USA in Nashville exactly 6 years before Summit Live and we were barely a year into building Frameable Faces together as a team.  We thought then that one day we would be the ones presenting to big groups about the things we’ve learned building a business.  6 years later and there we were!

Summit Live

Summit Live

Check out the replay of our panel discussion:

Note that @iSocialFanz Brian Fanzo makes his own appearance at the very end of the scope – one of the co-hosts of Summit Live and one of the more knowledgable guys in the community when it comes to all of the different live streaming platforms and social media in general.

Bring On The Puppets

Later in the day the one and only Sock Cop (@JasonBurglar / Jason Cooper) appeared in the lobby and was “doin’ the things” with everyone.  Jason himself and his wife Amanda are such a lovely couple from Alabama, and I truly believe that Jason is a comic genius.  I mean that.  We’ve featured Sock Cop on this blog before for his “senior portraits” haha…  It was hilarious when Sock Cop showed up at Summit – check it out:

After the day’s events we joined a bunch of the scopers of @ParachuteTV1 at a cool place (with amazing lamb burgers) called The Press Club.

Summit Live

L to R: Rosie & Jason Stolken, Jon Erlichman & Caroline Lesley and us

Not to be outdone by Sock Cop I was able to get an exclusive scope later that night back at the hotel with none other than the @PeriscopePuppet!!!  This broadcast has some amazing and even some awkward moments when the puppet was rubbing his eyeball on my face…

Wow….  lol!

Goodbye San Fran…

We didn’t really scope on the fourth day, but the following day we scoped from the back seat of our Lyft ride to breakfast on our way to the airport, happily exhausted and buzzing from an incredible Summit Live!  We hope to be able to attend future gatherings like this with our friends, and we continue to look forward to every day when we can hang out with everyone virtually through the magic of Periscope!

Here are a couple Instagram collages I posted of a bunch of photos of us and our friends from the weekend, and this about sums it up.  It was all about the people.  The community.  The extremely awesome community.  To quote @The_Sarah_Moore “we found our people at Summit Live ’16”.  Until next time, Periscoping down.

Summit Live


Summit Live

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