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Special Delivery: Newborn Aubrey’s Arrival Is Truly Awesome!

This was truly a special delivery in more ways than one.  You may recall our “Nikon Girl” Angela’s maternity session here on the blog, and if you’ve been following her story you may already know that Ally was there to photograph the birth of Angela and Cam’s beautiful baby girl Aubrey…  here is the photo essay from our YouTube channel from that amazing day:

6 days later marked Aubrey’s arrival in the studio for her newborn session and it was so special!  We have a few highlights to share!

Special Delivery: Aubrey’s Arrival!

Aubrey was a pro – what do you expect?  She’s the daughter of an amazing photographer!  Lots of pink….  let’s take a look:

Special Delivery

So peaceful – just snoozin’ in the basket…

We also have plenty of behind the scenes from the session – first with the replay of our Facebook Live broadcast:

Now let’s take a look at a couple more shots including one more in the basket…

Special Delivery

At this point we changed gears and broke out the pink tutu.  Aubrey did plenty more sleeping which is perfect for a newborn session!  This next photo is a little tricky and requires a couple shots to composite together – it turned out perfectly!

Special Delivery

We also have another live broadcast to share – this time from our show that we do on ParachuteTV1 on Tuesday afternoons at 2 PM EST called “The Photo Shop” on Periscope.  You can follow us on Periscope at @FrameableFaces at this link, or you can (and should) check out the ParachuteTV1 schedule on Periscope at their website – it’s a very cool network with some great shows!

Here we caught a newborn “baby smile” – how precious!!!  We’ll leave you with this one…

Special Delivery

And there you have it – a special delivery indeed and we love miss Aubrey already!!!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of her debut!

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