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An A-Maize-Ing Day At The 2017 Ann Arbor Street Art Fair!

This post is just a fun quick one about our day at the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair!  As photographers we appreciate all things visual, as admirers of art we appreciate all things creative whether visual or otherwise sensory in other ways, and as Frameable Faces we celebrate living a life you would want to celebrate – one you would want to remember and capture.  We think strolling through an art fair fits into what we do here in plenty of ways!

Ann Arbor Street Art Fair

The 2017 Ann Arbor Street Art Fair!

Meanwhile I felt a blog post would be a good place to post our snapchat story from the day and include the links to the websites of our favorite artists from the day and have them in one spot.  For starters you should get to the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair one July if you’ve never been – it’s a 4 day event that takes over a good part of the University of Michigan campus and parts of downtown (which is adjacent to campus).  For those of you who may not know, the University of Michigan colors are maize and blue – hence the “a-maize-ing” title!

At this point I think we’ll let the snapchat story do the talking for a couple minutes…

Some cool stuff right?  And how funny was that squirrel?  And we had to throw in the spot where Ally and I bumped into each other once in Ann Arbor during our college years in front of Ulrich’s….

So let’s break it down a little and talk about the artists we focused on in the story above:

First we have the sculptural weaving of Gloria McRoberts from Watertown, TN whose fiber sculptures are hand woven from natural, undyed wool.  We were really drawn to her booth and these awesome pieces.  You can visit her website here.

Next we came across these amazing sketchings on skateboards done by simple pen or pencil by Jeffrey St. Romain who is from New Orleans.  My favorite was the one you see of Jimi Hendrix with the lyrics from Castles Made Of Sand.  Here is his website.

Next you saw a piece from Erika Bushee and her Art Rocks Studio – stunning.  The rocks jut out from the surface and in the case of the one I snapped above, continue right onto the floor.  Really cool.

Last but not least the piece which kept people talking on Snapchat for 24 hours and on into our Periscope community was the amazing guitar tree by Demi Heitzman who is located not far from Toledo.  Here is her website.

We also would like to call attention to an amazing underwater photographer we met (even though I did not get any of his work into the snapchat) named Chris Gug.  Wow.  Just wow.  Check out his website here.

We’re also giving a shout out to our favorite new plant based restaurant in Ann Arbor – The Lunch Room!  OMG – delish right down to the deserts (VEGAN DONUTS!!!).  Check it out – here’s the website.

And there you have it!  A GREAT day at the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights!

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