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Aparna Is A Sweet Sixteen And We Loved Celebrating With This Session!

Aparna just turned 16 and her mom Manila wanted to celebrate with some portraits and with a half saree no less!  We love the Indian half saree traditional dress – they are so pretty with such radiant colors – a photographer’s dream!  Aparna is a sweetheart too and we had fun with the two of them and Aparna’s little brother came along for support as well!

Aparna is a Sweet Sixteen!

So let’s get to some of these portraits.  We actually did some in the half saree and some in more casual attire.  We’ll start with the half saree:



This is another beautiful view from above as well…


Now for this session we didn’t livestream, but we do have some behind the scenes in this brief video – take a look!

Now let’s change over to the casual fun:


Love the the “Sweet 16” – and the world – at Aparna’s feet!

And one more on the red backdrop:


So fun!

As you can see we loved celebrating this occasion with Aparna and we hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with her!

Equipment used:

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