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Going Blue in Ann Arbor For Portraits With A Fun Family of Four!

We love Ann Arbor and we love the opportunity (and the excuse) to hang out up there anytime – especially to photograph a delightful family like this one with two Wolverine boys!  A great day for Going Blue!  Let’s get to a few highlights:

Going Blue in Ann Arbor

We actually started out with the family in traditional dress which always makes for some beautiful colors in a great family portrait:

Going Blue


The crew changed outfits for the next few and here’s where the “Going Blue” doesn’t just mean the blue in Michigan’s maize and blue, but this coordinated look in the various blues for all 4 of them – we love this:

We also have some fun behind the scenes from Facebook:

Here’s one at a different spot on campus of the adorable couple…

And we wrapped it up at the Big House – Michigan Stadium!  Here’s one of the bros:

Going Blue

Hail to the Sinhas!

What a fantastic day – we hope you enjoyed the highlights of our photos of this family!

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