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Pamela, Michael and GEORGE! A Doggone Great Session!

Pamela had been here in our studio before for some headshots and she is a delightful gal!  So when she called us to come back to the studio we were excited – even more so when she informed us that she would be bringing her hubby Michael and their French Bulldog George!!!  You have to love French Bulldogs, and George is a character – we knew this would make for a doggone great session!

Doggone Great…

This session was done totally in the studio and we started out with a Detroit Tiger theme which really works with our orange chair!  George was totally coordinated with Pamela and Michael and ready to roll – here’s a full length family portrait to start with…

Doggone Great

So fun right?

Now we’ll zoom in for a couple closer crops…

Doggone Great

George was getting plenty of lovin’!  Happy pup!

We also have some great behind the scenes fun from the shoot where we get up close and personal with George with the replay of our live Periscope broadcast!  If you want to join in the fun on our channel on Periscope you can do it by following us at @FrameableFaces here or if you are on twitter and just want to watch from there you can at this link.

Let’s get back to a couple more photos now – one more close up this time just of the happy couple!

Doggone Great

How cute are they?

And now we have an outfit change and the black couch for a little bit more formal look:

Doggone Great

George was stylin’!!!  And there you have it – you have to agree with us that these photos are indeed doggone great!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our time with Pamela, Michael and George! 

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