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Our 5 Favorite Ways To Instagram!

We love Instagram!  For those of you still not familiar with this (it’s okay we won’t tell anyone) Instagram is a social media platform that enables its users to take pictures (generally with their smartphone), apply digital filters to them, and share them.  As with all of the different social media platforms we use such as facebook, Pinterest, twitter, YouTube (just to name a few), Instagram has its own unique purpose for us.  We generally do not use it to post examples of our work, but rather to post what happens behind the scenes at Frameable Faces.  If you don’t use Instagram you can still see ours by going here.

Meanwhile we thought it would be fun to post 7 of our favorite Instagrams here representing 5 typical categories.  We hope you enjoy them whether you are a Frameable yourself or another photographer/small business owner looking for ways to connect with your peeps.

1. Behind the scenes on a photoshoot

We love these – showcasing the process of creating the images is a lot of fun.  It’s instant gratification since I can snap a quick shot of Ally photographing a high school senior for example with my smartphone and upload it right away while we’re still on location.  Instagram also has a location map feature which uses the GPS stamp from the photo to create a map of locations where the images were produced.  This way people following us can get ideas for where they want to take their photos by seeing where they were taken.

Behind-the-scenes Instagram2. Happenings in the Orchard Mall

The Orchard Mall is our home and it is a very cool place with many other independent businesses and good eats.  It’s a central meeting place in West Bloomfield and any time there is an event or even just beautiful new decorations we Instagram it.


Chanukah Wonderland at the Orchard Mall - Instagram

Valentine's Day at the Orchard Mall - Instagram

3.  Fun Shout Outs Just Because

We like to celebrate our community – our brand, and life in general…

Frameable Faces Photography - Snowy Instagram 4.  Visits From the #Frameables

Nothing brightens our day like visits from our #frameables and yes these visits make us want to share!  #Frameables is our hashtag on Instagram which works much in the same way hashtags work on twitter.  Our peeps ARE our studio and we mean it.


Frameable Faces Visits from #Frameables - Instagram

Babies:Frameable Faces Visits from #Frameables - Instagram 5.  Stuff That Has To Be Shared Because…Well…It’s Just Too Good Not To

This speaks for itself – you just know when you have to snap a shot and post it.

Ally Cohen with a nice horse named YukonThere are plenty of others – a banana tree at a greenhouse, a practical joke, our snarky reflector Reflecto, road trips, selfies (of course)…..  What are some of the things you like to Instagram?


“Frameables In The Hood”

Yo – this family is soooo GANGSTA.  Be intimidated.  Be very intimidated…..

West Bloomfield Photographer, Frameable Faces Photography

We have a lot of fun with them because every year they come in with a new fun theme and this year was no different!  We were cracking up during this session!

West Bloomfield Photographer, Frameable Faces PhotographyWest Bloomfield Photographer, Frameable Faces Photography

West Bloomfield Photographer, Frameable Faces Photography

Frameables In The Hood!

Frameable Flashbacks! – Hannah

Have we mentioned we love our high school seniors?  It lights up our day when they come back to visit and as I’m writing this it’s the day before Thanksgiving which means many of our past seniors are home from college!  Current Michigan State student and former spokesmodel (not to mention North Farmington Raider alum) Hannah Iwrey spent the morning here with us yesterday and I snapped a droid photo of her and Ally before she left.

Droid photo, Frameable Faces Blog

Ally and Hannah during yesterday's visit! (Photo taken with a Droid)

Affectionately known here as “HBM” (for Hannah Banana Montana), she has become like a member of the family.  Normally I would Instagram a pic like this, but alas Hannah has a BlackBerry and there is no Instagram BlackBerry app so she isn’t on Instagram.  I thought about posting it to Twitter, but it seemed an even better idea might be to write a blog post about the visit and so the idea for “Frameable Flashbacks” was born.  Kind of a “where are they now” feature as we remember the great photo sessions and great times we had and check in with our seniors to see what exciting things they are up to.

We gave her three questions to answer for us after she left and here they are!  Enjoy, and when you’re done enjoy the 2 “iconic” images from her senior session back in 2010 at the bottom of the page!

Frameable Faces:  So what are you up to?

Hannah:  As much as I know you’re cringing about this topic, I go to Michigan State and am currently studying to be a Professional Writer. I’m in my second year and much to any other Spartan’s dismay, I’m still 100% a Wolverine fan! I spend a lot of my time working on a short story that’s already 15 pages long, and another collection of stories based on my experiences in the summer camping world. When I’m not up at school, I’m more than likely sitting in the FF Studio with my BFF Reflecto and hating on Doug for his hats, or being made fun of for the way I pronounce certain words. Sarry aboot that, eh.

Frameable Faces:  What are your future plans with your studies (what do you want to be when you grow up)?

Hannah:  Like I said, I’ve been eagerly working on those two writing projects, and plan to further develop some other unfinished pieces for my writing portfolio. My dream plan for the future would be writing children’s books or young adult novels. If that fails, I think I may have a promising future as a Sassmaster. I mean, I already have so many pairs of Sassy pants…

Frameable Faces:  What do you remember most about your Frameable Faces experience?

Hannah:  I really don’t know how you can ask someone to pin-point just ONE great thing about being a part of the Frameable Faces Family! Wow look at me and my alliteration, maybe this whole writing thing will work out. I love the energy that both Ally and Doug bring to sessions. I was super nervous to shoot my spokesmodel session during my junior year, but once the awesome music started from Doug’s endless library and Ally snapped the camera, it all fell into place. I also really loved going on location to some awesome places in the area, truly unforgettable. But I’d have to say my ultimate favorite aspect of FF is how welcoming the studio always feels when I drop by for a visit, I’m proud to have earned a nickname!

West Bloomfield Photographer, Frameable Faces Photography, Fine Art PhotographyWest Bloomfield Photographer, Frameable Faces Photography, Fine Art Photography

The Frameable Faces Blog “Quest for Guests”!

The Frameable Faces "Quest For Guests"!


One of the themes we’ve tried to instill in our studio is that of community.  We see Frameable Faces not just as the studio you can visit at the Orchard Mall, but as all of us – especially our clients who really are the Frameable Faces (or #Frameables as we like to tweet them).  As our blog evolves and grows we thought it would be a splendid idea to get more of you involved and so the “Quest for Guests” idea was born!  We would like to open this up just to Frameables (our clients) for starters and see where it goes, but the idea is to have someone write a guest post for our blog.  There are a couple of basic parameters involved:

1.  The article does not have to be about Frameable Faces nor does it need to be photography related – it can be but it doesn’t have to be.

2.  The article should provide some value whether it’s informative, or simply entertaining.  We prefer not to go overly heavy or serious.  If you have your own blog or business we definitely want to highlight that!  But here’s the key – don’t make the post a commercial or sales pitch for your business.  Write an article that will help people – demonstrate your expertise with some helpful tips.  If you have a blog of your own which is simply your outlet for your thoughts then give us a couple of your thoughts or even a good story.  If you are a fan of our blog, don’t have a business of your own or a blog but feel you have something to add to the conversation feel free to do that too!

3.  The article should ideally be 500-800 words and include at least one related image (if you are struggling with the image part let us know and we can help you).  Also include a short 2-3 sentence bio, a bio image (125×125 pixels is a good guide but we can help you with that too), a good title for your post, and links you want us to include (website, fb, twitter etc.).

4.  Send your article in an email to doug@frameablefaces.com.  We’ll scan it for typos etc. and let you know if there are any minor changes before we post it.  Keep in mind that dependent on the number of posts we receive and/or the subject matter we can’t guarantee that your post will be published.  We hope you understand.

We are excited to see where this goes and we hope the Frameables will get to know each other a little better!  We hope you will enjoy reading a guest post and that you will comment and join in!