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The Highlights Of Ian’s Senior Session Tell A Story Indeed!

Telling a good story is important.  It makes life fun and interesting!  You might say we tell stories here through our photos and Ally is quite talented at doing so.  That was certainly the case when Ian visited the studio and we weren’t surprised since we’ve known this kid for many years.  He’s a funny dude and the whole family is great – they are friends of ours and we’ve photographed all of them before at one time or another.  The thing is, on this day we took the whole storytelling notion a step further.  Ian’s spirit animal got involved and we kicked it up a notch.  Ian’s senior session tells a story indeed!  But more on that later….  For now we’ll just start with a few photos:

Ian’s Session Tells A Story Indeed…

This was an all-studio session which is typically nice and chill.  Let’s get a look at our guy…

Story Indeed

Looking good!  Ally loves when guys are in a pink tone…

We also have some fun behind the scenes action first from Facebook Live:

Here’s another one this time in black and white:

Story Indeed

Ally got him – looks like he’s got a giggle coming on…

Here’s a cool one on the black backdrop…

Story Indeed

And now here is where the story really takes a turn…. hehe.

We have a big stuffed Garfield here at the studio – we’re not even really sure why, but Ian’s mom Emma spotted it and said she thinks Garfield is Ian’s “spirit animal” so we all decided that Garfield should be in on the action.  As a matter of fact we pulled up a settee for Garfield to sit on while Ian read a very inappropriate comic book created by the man responsible for the Doug & Ally Morning Show logo – the Artful Doodler himself from the U.K. – Rich Nairn!  Ian read Dr. Ripper’s Sinister Shipmates to Garfield in a setting with story time piano music and, well…. you just have to see it for yourself.  Here is the replay from our Periscope broadcast…  LOL!

If you have trouble with that link here’s another:  https://www.pscp.tv/FrameableFaces/1dRKZOLPwbVGB

And here is the memorable result:

Story Indeed

A wonderful story indeed!

And there you have it!  A fun time was had by all and we got some fantastic photos out of it too!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights!

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