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Jake Was The Symbol And The Superhero Of This Senior Session!

When Jake came in for his senior consultation with his mom Jen we proceeded to have a fun and healthy debate about superheroes.  Now actually I’m not really a superhero guy and I quickly found out that I was pretty overmatched, but I think I hung in there…..kinda.  In any event Jake is clearly inspired as millions are by superheroes – Batman and Iron Man in particular.  So I went searching around and found this awesome quote from Batman Begins:

Bruce Wayne Quote

I think this quote is appropriate for this photo session for a couple of reasons…  For starters I think this whole idea applies to photographs in general.  Photos can preserve a moment, a person – they can be everlasting.  That’s part of the appeal of what we do here whether we’re making new photos or restoring old ones.  Senior pictures capture such a cool time in a young guy like Jake’s life!  So hold on to that thought for a minute and we’ll come back to it…

Jake The Superhero!

Let’s start with the Batman inspiration in the studio for our first sneak peak…



Here’s the behind the scenes vine from the day….

We also did plenty of broadcasting that day on Periscope and Facebook Live.  Okay maybe we went a little crazy – I’ve actually done a collab with Jake’s mom Jen who is also known as Princess Pinky Girl online so she’s a natural on camera as was Jake!  Much fun!  If you haven’t downloaded Periscope yet you can do it and be a part of our broadcasts here or you can just watch on twitter here.

First in the studio:

Next it’s the first of our location broadcasts at Heritage Park:

And here is one of our shots of this fine young lad in the great outdoors…


Let’s see a little more of our behind the scenes from Facebook Live – we actually spent a lot of time cracking up on this session…  Jake is a funny dude.

And here we have a shot of Jake chillin’…


Lastly I want to bring it back to that Batman quote from earlier.  Here’s where it ties it all together….

Bruce Wayne said as a symbol he could be incorruptible.  He could be everlasting.  That’s what we achieved with Jake on this last photo which was a first for us, and an idea that Jen brought in.  It’s a silhouette that captures the spirit of being a senior – with your life ahead of you.  Incorruptible.  Everlasting.  Arms up to the sky!  This photo could be anyone.  You can’t necessarily tell it’s Jake, and yet it IS Jake.  A symbol – and a powerful one at that….


So cool….

Here’s the behind the scenes of us creating that photo!

And that’s the story!  Jake was the symbol and the superhero and we will always remember this session!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with him!

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