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Bruw-ing A Stellar Senior Session With Max-imum Results!

So of course this title is a play on words right?  Well it’s because this stellar senior session features Max and he’s been here in the studio before….with his coffee beans and his cold BRUW filter which is his very own company!  This enterprising young entrepreneur is getting it done and you can check out his website along with a few photos by US at www.bruw.net!

Stellar Senior Session…

But here we need to get to the task at hand and that’s the highlights from Max’s stellar senior session!  Max’s mom Susan accompanied us and even his dad Dave came by for a bit on location!  We started out in the studio so let’s begin there with a formal shot of our guy on the grey paper background:

Stellar Senior Session


We also have some behind the scenes fun for you first with the replay of our live Periscope broadcast in the studio.  If you want to be a part of our shows there you can download the app and tune in at @FrameableFaces at this link, and if you just want to watch from twitter you can do that here.

Now it’s time to head outside where…

Fall colors were a-BRUW-in’

Yes they were!  Plenty of great spots to shoot right in and around West Bloomfield and that’s just where we stayed!  The first shot features more brick than oranges or reds but it’s cool!  Just Max chillin’

Stellar Senior Session

The next photo is a bit unique in that we don’t think we’ve used this chair on location before – it’s a neat photo with some of that “Pure Michigan” color in the background!  Here’s the behind the scenes of the shot from Facebook Live

…and the result!

Stellar Senior Session

Pretty nice!

One more Periscope replay for good measure (we were having a lot of fun)….  lol!

And one last photo of Max – and just as the rain started to fall too…. good timing!

Stellar Senior Session

And there it is!  We BRUWed a stellar senior session with Max for sure, and we hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with him!


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