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With Sophia We Think We’ll Rename The Age The “Treasured Twos”!

You’ve heard of the “terrible twos”?  Not even close – Sophia is clearly one of the “treasured twos”!!!  So adorable, plenty of personality and a little superstar in front of Ally’s camera when she came to the studio for her photo session with her delightful mom Michele!  We photographed her exclusively indoors here at the studio and we think you’ll melt when you see these photos!

Treasured Twos…

This is evidence for changing the name from terrible to treasured in our opinion and let’s start to prove why with this first photo in a half black and white tone… Treasured Twos

Those eyelashes!

We stayed with this backdrop for a classic look for a few more photos – here’s another:

Treasured Twos

How cute is she?

We also have some behind the scenes fun for you here – we broadcasted a little bit on Periscope as well as Facebook Live.  First let’s start with the Periscope replay.  If you would like to be a part of our broadcasts there you can download the app and follow us at @frameablefaces at this link, and if you prefer just to watch from twitter you can do that too by clicking here

And here is some more behind the scenes from the Facebook Live broadcast!

Now let’s get back to a couple more photos where we changed it up a little with a different backdrop first with our purple settee…

Treasured Twos

And we have one more to share with one of our fun little benches where Sophia is hanging out with a few friends…

Treasured Twos

She was having so much fun!!!  We loved this session with this “treasured two” and we hope you liked the highlights too!


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